Adam Stagner is a professional photographer and editor based in Nashville, TN.  He gained his commercial digital photography degree through Nossi College of Art and has been in this field of work since 2010.  Working as a full time digital image specialist at Hudson Yards Studios for 4+ years grew his editing skills to a mastery level.  He now has over 12,000 photoshop hours doing extensive retouching and precise color corrections for a few of the most critically demanding clients in the world including Victoria's Secret and National Geographic.  Being a  perfectionist when it comes to everything in life and taking great pride in the ability to produce and create such high quality images allows him the ability to print at large sizes while maintaining the clarity and color of the subject matter.  Now specializing in natural light portraiture offering on location shoots at your home, office and unique places such as waterfalls, national and state parks, roof tops and streets in major cities, schools, train stations, sports fields and even abandon buildings.  "With 8 years of digital photographing experience and extensive photoshop skills I guarantee client satisfaction."

"Photography is my passion and feel this is what I was put here to do.  Although I am considered a generalist photographer meaning I have the skills and knowledge to photograph just about any subject matter.  But of course I have a favorite.  Photographing the natural beauties of this planet is what I most enjoy.  I don't do this solely to make a profit.  Instead I truly hope people are inspired to go adventure and explore this world for themselves while viewing my landscape and waterfall images. Too many of us and even myself are guilty of being caught up in the things that don't actually matter and forget to appreciate this world for what it is without our phones, social networks, television, and all of the things that distract us from Earths natural works of art. I challange you to make some free time and go on a hike to a local/national state park or to the nearest waterfall location and embrace your inner nature."